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Top 21 Videographers in New York. Talelli Production is a video production company in New York City that helps couples capture the intimate and fleeting moments of their wedding day. Founded in 2016 by Blerti Talelli, an Albanian videographer. Talelli Production handles every step of the wedding video production, taking the process from development to pre-production, production to post-production, and finally, distribution.


Talelli makes videos from the future, Haven't seen an artist so focus on the details and making even a small clip to look like a movie.


"Talelli is Amazing ? Great people, great service!"

A. Byberi

"Talelli Production is an amazing company! Blerti is an outstanding person: very talented!"

J. Giraldo

"Very satisfied from his video service. Wonderful experience."

E. Arapi

"This crew are incredible miracle workers. It is rare to find this much professionalism and diligence with TALELLI PRODUCTION. Very talented indeed"

D. Dafku

"Overall Talelli Productions provided the best service and experience. They were able to professionally film our event and provided us with feedback and input in regard to editing. My wife and I recommend them to everyone; best production experience ever!"

R. Hall